Sunday, September 12, 2010

Tub City, (Stanislaus National Forest)


  1. i think u are a chump for "respecting" panchos right to make money off of people who just want to explore. post directions you pussy.

    1. Lol

      Straight up hu!!!

  2. Thanks for the info...always looking for good spots off Hwys 108 or 4.

  3. they is a link with directions to some spots however I used the directions and got lost they were not correct (gods bath)

  4. So where is Tub City??? It looks nice but I can't find directions for it.


  5. If you go looking for a place called "tub city" everyone will know you are a flatlander and surely give u fake directions. Just give up and go somewhere else.

  6. DONT GIVE UP AND GO SOMEWHERE ELSE! I think its bs when locals act this way, however i think its also bs when city folk come to the country and have zero respect or knowledge of nature. You can find this place and it doesn't take all day hiking in the forest to do it, but im not going to be the one to tell you... if you cant figure it out then with a little bit of effort then you dont deserve to visit this place and maybe you should go visit some family themed campground somewhere.