Monday, August 26, 2013

The Russian River, 2013


  1. Where is this and how do I get there? Specifically photo number 4.

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  3. Russian river is on hwy 116 about 30 mins from Santa Rosa ca. There are so many swimming holes there just pull over and walk down its a beautiful river and amazing clean water. There is a place called Burke's canoes and its 40 for two people and about a 9 hr float down you will hit all of these swimming holes while canoeing my husband a I did it last summer for our anniversary and it was a blast! Plus we lived up there also so we knew the places but Burke's is the best way to go also while cabling you will find tons of rope swings make sure you stop and play!

    1. Can you give me the directions please ? I want to go here for Father's Day? Can you help me please?

  4. What are the directions for this place ? Anybody help please?!

  5. All these amazing spots r on #BigSwingsApp
    Great page btw. Livin the great life!